I am Jeanique

When I was a little girl my biggest dream was to become a (musical) actress , a poet, a writer, a painter, a photographer, a singer, I wanted to play the piano, or the harp. It did not really matter, as long as it would be something creative.

For years I felt like a "I-just-don't-have-it" girl and I just couldn't seem to find my 'way'.

In October 2007 I had a real nervous breakdown, had to quit my studies to become a drama therapist and all I could do was sleep. For a whole year.

In October 2008 I started taking self-portraits, one every day, to keep myself busy. Now, when I write this, it's been 248 days, and this project has already been the best therapy I could ever get.

Some people call my photos pure or Intense. All I can say is that they all are little pieces of me. Together with the stories they are like a diary to me, a diary I'm sharing with the rest of the world.
Some people say that some images are 'shocking' or really sad or even disturbing, but I just need to be honest, even if I'm going through a hard day, tough weeks or sometimes months: it's who I am, it's what I do.

I could never imagine, when starting taking photos of myself and posting them on flickr.com, that so many people would respond to them.

I've had so many wonderful comments and e-mails, and they are all so heartwarming and motivating! They help me to believe in myself again, and that is the best gift I could ever get.