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Update!! (October 7th 2009)

Hi there!! I still receive e-mails from finders! And I love the way people are participating!

About Edition Amsterdam:

In total 8 of the photos dropped in Amsterdam have been placed somewhere else.
Photo no. 19 and 20 have given a new permanent home.

Photo no. 04 has moved twice! Daphne left it at Westerpark, and Auke and his family took it home and left it somewhere else the next day.

Photo no. 02 is taken to Birmingham in the UK by Andrius, who left it there in the city centre.
Linda and Simon picked it up and took it on their trip to Greece(!)

this is the e-mail I got from them:

Hi Jeanique,
Here are details of where we left Edition Amsterdam photo number 02, which was found in the city centre in Birmingham, UK:
Date: 10th September 2009 Time: 16.15 Place: Vidos Island, Corfu, Greece
I've attached 3 photos and I'll explain why.
We left the photo on the quai where the little ferry from Corfu Town to Vidos Island stops (Photo 1). When the ferry arrived, the man who ties ip the boat jumped off and picked up the photo, taking it back onto the ferry to look at it (Photo 2). He then took the photo up to the taverna a few yards away from the quai and returned to the boat without it, so that's where it ended up (Photo 3).
Looking forward to seeing the journeys of all the photos. I hope lots of people will enter the spirit of your enterprise.
Kind regards,
Lin and Simon

Jeanique in Greece


Photo no. 08 is somewhere in the USA now, left there by Scott and Laura :D

This is the e-mail I received about Photo no. 03

Hi Jeanique,
we left number 3 (found in Amsterdam) on the 20th of August in Krakow at the top of Kosciuszko hill ( but we are going to send you the picture in a week,
cause we are still travelling abroad and we don-t have the cable of our camera with us.
We find your project very interesting!!! Congratulations!

Alba i Aleix

very cool!On top of the world ;)

Petra took Photo no. 12 to Paris, where she gave it to a friend who lives in Tokyo,
I am still waiting for the new location and pic, but wow! Tokyo!!!

Jeanique with the Eiffel Tower in Paris

And last for this update, but not least!

Edition France
Ceciel made an awesome painting of the photo (no. 011) she found in Nimes!
I was sooooo touched by this! My photo as an inspiration for another artist!
I love it very very much!
Ceciel and the painting she made of photo no.011

I'm still looking for a better way to show the journeys of the photos to you, another map or something. Not sure how I want it yet. :)
That's it for now!!

xox Jeanique

Viva and 'Where is Jeanique?'-Edition Amsterdam (August 11th 2009)
This week you can read a piece of me and 'Where is Jeanique?' in the magazine Viva!
Last sunday I did another 'Where is Jeanique?' edition Amsterdam. I already had response!! I'm very curious about the new trips my photos will make.
I will update the website asap, well not me, Emiel, who's really bussy, so it's gonna take some time :)
What else is new? Ehm, I have my own website!!!!!

Emiel did an awesome job! I looooove it!
So that's about it for now! Have a great week!! And if you're a finder of a photoframe,
please contact me at
xox J.

Vive la Viva and F*ck U F*ckers!

It's about time! (July 7th 2009)
Hi there! I feel even more hectic than I did before going on vaction! ;) But here's a little update.
As you can see there are some changes on the 'home' page, two photos are colored blue, photo No. 32 and photo No. 39.
That's because these photos have been replaced by finders! Yeah!
You can click on the map of the photo to see where it went, if you click on the red pins on the map it will show you the photo the finder had sent me.
I had five messages from finders, but for now only two did actually replace the photoframe and sended me an e-mail with the new locations.
As you can see Jamie and his family took photo No. 32 all the way to the UK! And Marius and Jacky left No. 39 at the busstation of a Dutch place called 'Brielle'. Two other finders couldn't decide yet what to do with the frame, so I have to wait patiently for them to contact me.

Leaving the photoframes in France was really excited, most of the time it took a while for my mobile phone to connect with the GPS satellites and when I finally got connection I wanted to leave the frame as quick as I could, too scared that someone might see me.
It's the same with taking my selfportraits, I don't want anyone arround me, except Emiel.
The good thing about France was that there were a lot of places I could take photos without being seen, back in Holland I really miss that. The scenery was a great inspiration and I enjoyed it very much.
That's it for now! I hope to give you an update soon, 'cause that means that more finders contacted me :)
Have a wonderfull week!

ps. This summer there's also going to be a "Where is Jeanique Amsterdam" stay tuned!

Waiting for GPS connection in Nimes

Vive la France!

And here we are! (June 11th 2009)
Putting this all together was so much fun, and such hard work!! Thanks to my friends who helped me! You guys rock!! It was awesome to see how we've managed to gather our own specialties together. Me and my love are totally exhausted now but it was so worth it! We're leaving this saturday, really early, and that's gonna be the real start of this project. I'm anxious but so excited! I hope this is gonna work out!

Now I go to bed, get up early and go packing!

See you soon!